Members & Staff

The Opportunity Youth Collaborative is a collective impact initiative which connects dozens of partners across sectors to align priorities, share best practices, and advocate for opportunity youth.

OYC Staff

Cameron Mendes-Moreau, Opportunity Youth Coordinator
Boston Private Industry Council
(617) 488-1332 | Email

Meeting facilitator
Mo Barbosa,
Assistant Director for Training and Capacity Building
Health Resources in Action | Email

Lead conveners
Kathy Hamilton,
Youth Transitions Director
Boston Private Industry Council
(617) 488-1316 | Email

Kristin McSwain, Executive Director
Boston Opportunity Agenda
(617) 338-1620 | Email

Youth Voice Project staff
Amanda Shabowich,
Youth Voice Project | Email

Research/Evaluation staff
Anika Van Eaton,
 Senior Research Analyst
Boston Private Industry Council
(617) 488-1362 | Email