Members & Staff

OYC members

OYC members come from nearly 80 organizations and initiatives! These partners have been working together to build better pathways for opportunity youth since 2013.

OYC staff

Cameron Mendes-Moreau, Opportunity Youth Coordinator
Boston Private Industry Council
(617) 488-1332 | Email

Meeting facilitator
Mo Barbosa,
Assistant Director for Training and Capacity Building
Health Resources in Action

Lead conveners
Kathy Hamilton,
Youth Transitions Director
Boston Private Industry Council
(617) 488-1316 | Email

Kristin McSwain, Executive Director
Boston Opportunity Agenda
(617) 338-1620 | Email

Youth Voice Project staff
Roxanne Longoria,
Boston Youth Service Network
(617) 488-1348 | Email

Carrington Moore, High School to Career Manager
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

Other staff
Anika Van Eaton,
Research Analyst
Boston Private Industry Council
(617) 488-1362 | Email