Event: The Lost Tapes


FREE TO PERFORM, REGISTER AT: www.signuptoperform.com

– LIVE Concert Series & Studio Recording
– Live versions will be placed on a mixtape that will be promoted and distributed to participants for promotion (free of charge.)
– OPEN to the public. $10 Door, FREE entry when you register at www.connectmeboston.com

DJ HOST: Jesse Bland

8:15pm-8:30pm ON RESERVE
8:30pm-8:45pm Flexx Gottigang
8:45pm-9:00pm John Dough
9:00pm-9:15pm Tianna Lockhart
9:15pm-9:30pm >>>>>>> BREAK: Guest Speaker
9:30pm-9:45pm William Wallace
9:45pm-10:00pm HighkeyRandom Hkod
10:00-10:15pm Sugg Nicee- TheRapper Sugğ Nicee
10:15-10:30pm Kye Bills
10:30pm-10:45pm Chink Blessico
10:45pm-11:00 Tto Roulette
11:00pm-11:20pm DJ SET by Jesse Bland