New Directions: Creating Career Pathways for and with Opportunity Youth

Read the full report here: New Directions: Creating Career Pathways for and with Opportunity Youth


On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the Boston Opportunity Youth Collaborative (OYC) brought together 200 community partners to present its new report on connecting opportunity youth to education, training, and employment opportunities. The report, New Directions: Creating Career Pathways for and with Opportunity Youth, chronicles the OYC’s work over the last six years, and makes recommendations for policy and practice. The audience was diverse and engaged, with staff representing for-profit employers, youth-serving nonprofits, community colleges, public agencies, and the Boston school district.

Kathy Hamilton and Kristin McSwain, co-conveners of the Collaborative, presented the findings and recommendations from the report. Panelists representing the Mayor’s Office, Bunker Hill Community College, MassHire Boston Career Center, and the OYC’s Youth Voice Project then responded to the report findings, offering lessons learned and recommendations from their unique perspectives as policymakers and practitioners. The Mayor’s Chief of Education Rahn Dorsey closed the program, offering reflection on the Collaborative’s accomplishments, and focusing on the work that remains to be done.

Neil Sullivan of the Boston Private Industry Council opened the event by highlighting the importance of opportunity youth to Boston’s social and economic future. The Collaborative’s strategy of bringing partners together, coordinating the work, and elevating youth advocates to lead the change is highlighted as a model for other communities. This event was a call to action, as the OYC and its affiliates continue to seek ways to use the city’s considerable resources to connect all young adults to career-level employment and financial independence.


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