Youth Voice Project

It’s essential to involve young people in planning programs and pathways that will serve them. The Youth Voice Project is composed of youth leaders who reach out to opportunity youth and advise the OYC. As a team, these Peer Leaders provide research and outreach strategies to find data that may help the OYC engage youth in Boston.

Trained by facilitators from the Boston Youth Service Network and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, the Peer Leaders each bring their own unique perspective to the work.

We are currently looking for our new cohort of Youth Voice Project Peer Leaders. See the job description here.

Job opportunities

Check out BYSN’s youth job opportunities and sign up for job alerts. Boston Youth Zone also posts a lot of resources, including job openings.

Current projects and goals

  • Conduct outreach to opportunity youth throughout Boston to bring them to the Connection Center
  • Conduct research on opportunity youth to better understand their experiences and how to serve them
  • Infuse youth voice into OYC decision-making

Past research

In 2013 and 2014, the Peer Leaders conducted focus groups and surveys of opportunity youth, gathering valuable information on who they were and what they felt was important. Presentation 

In addition, the Peer Leaders worked with the OYC to create a set of guidelines for successful youth engagement. The Peer Leaders turned their recommendations into the Integration Ladder.


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